Air Duct Cleaning Service in Lake Tapps, WA

The cleanliness of your air ducts affects a lot - from your health to your bills. If your home or business in the Lake Tapps, WA, area needs air duct cleaning, turn to Magic-Clean Air Duct Cleaning Services. Our team of cleaners will get your ducts back to top-performing condition.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services

At Magic-Clean LLC, We will restore your air quality to like new again. Our air duct cleaning service team will carefully inspect your air ducts to make sure we get each area thoroughly, using the best tools available, clean all the ducts connected to your furnace, the supply lines, main lines, intakes, and replace common size filters making sure to clean your duct system all the way back to your furnace so your home will stay clean and healthy for for years to come. Your air duct system is a very important function in your home. Having a clean one is a healthy choice for your family, and home.

We use POWERFUL 100 HP ADVANCED SUCTION EQUIPMENT, carrying a variety of specialty, up-to-date tools and gadgets, using cleaning solutions that are safe for your family & pets. We price the home by square footage, location of furnace in home, how many furnaces, and what city the home is located.

At Magic-Clean LLC, we've served thousands of customers, so our team is ready and able to handle your duct system, no matter how it's built or designed.

We work 7 days a week, if you looking for a weekend appointment, over-time charges may apply, so you can schedule air duct cleaning for your home or business during a time that won't disrupt your family, employees, or customers.

With Magic-Clean LLC, you can rest assured that the duct system in your home or business is clean for years to come.

Unlimited Vents To One Furnace

Call or text us at (253) 948-2808 today to get air duct cleaning - including the intake vents and furnace - for your home or business in Lake Tapps, WA.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent maybe a fire hazard if not cleaned properly every 3-5 years. We will remove debris and lint build up from the vent to get proper air flow to the dryer and approve efficiency


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